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Here at Firelec we conduct a formal security risk assessment to determine the Grade of alarm system you require, and (ideally) a separate ‘grade’ of Notification, i.e. to help design a system which is most appropriate to each customer’s risk exposure.

Types of intruder alarm which we can offer include –

Bells Only Alarms

Bells-Only alarms, otherwise known as Audible-Only alarms, make only an audible noise from the external and/or internal sounders when the alarm is triggered. The Bells-Only alarm deters intruders and alerts neighbours. On its own, this will not generate police response.

Securelec Fire Alarm
Monitored Alarms

Monitored Alarms & Police Response

Monitored alarms are monitored through our (ARC) alarm receiving centre 24/7 365 days a year. Once the alarm is triggered, the key holder is immediately notified. We can also offer automatic ‘police response’ in the event of an intruder alarm activation.

Police response will usually also be conditional on the provision of a ‘Confirmed Activation’, i.e. obtaining two alarm signals/pieces of alarm information within a pre-set time period. Such systems need very careful design if police response is to be obtained reliably and effectively.

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Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

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