Project Year: 2016 Project Duration: - Project Type: Fire Alarm Installation
KWS ltd

Project Description

Firelec Controls were approached by KWS Ltd. to provide a means of evacuating their entire agricultural site in Thriplow in the event of a fire or emergency. The site includes 6 buildings with various uses and environments spread out over 400 metres. Our solution was a hybrid fire alarm system that incorporated the existing hardwired devices at the site and we added a wireless central hub and a number of wireless radio communicators to link the buildings together. The client is left with a dependable user friendly system that can safely evacuate their staff simultaneously should an emergency occur.

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“Firelec designed a system using new technology to enable KWS UK Ltd to link numerous agricultural buildings and separate fire panels to form one complete system at our Farm site. Firelec also completed remedial works where required whilst on-site with efficiency and a level of expertise that you would expect from a fire system consultant. The system we now have in place is user friendly with minimal training required to understand the system in its entirety.”